Choral Clients

Choralography by Yvonne Farrow

EOU Chamber Choir in Rehearsal

European Coucil of International Schools
Director, Jody Beneke
San Francisco Girls' Chorus
Director, Sharon Paul
Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers
Director, Albert McNeil
Northridge Singers*
Director, Paul Smith
Gwen Wyatt Chorale
Director, Gwendolyn Wyatt
City of Angels Sanctuary Choir
Director, April Colon-Haywood
Appleton West Choirs
Director, Kevin Meidl
The Choral Project**
Director, Daniel Hughes
Bakersfield College Chamber Singers
Director, Ron Kean
CA Lutheran University Choir
Director, Wyant Morton
CLU Womens Chorale
Director, Wyant Morton
Silicon Valley Gay Men's Chorus
Director, Daniel Hughes
Touch of Jazz
Director, Tony Gonzalez
Eastern Oregon University Chamber Choir
Director, Peter Wordelman
Larwrence University Concert Choir
Directror, Rick Bjella

Young Voices of Colorado
Director, Jena Dickey
Colorado Springs Children's Chorale
Director, Lori Bammesberger
University of Delaware Chorale
Director, Paul D. Head
North Coast Singers
Director, Sally H. Dean
Cal Poly University Concert Choir
Director, Eniko E. St. Clair
Cal Poly Kellogg Chamber Singers
Director, Dr. Iris Levine
South Bay Children’s Choir
Director, Diane Simons

EOU Choir performing 'Usili Boat Song'

Note from a Choral Director:
It was a pleasure to work with Yvonne on the Choralography of Alberto Grau's 'La Arestinga' in preparation for our performance at the 2009 National ACDA Convention in Oklahoma City. She very quickly taught the moves for the selection in one rehersal to the concert choir, some of whom who had never moved before in a concert setting. After the first day the final two days were spent in careful review and refinement. Three weeks later we were ready for the convention due in no small part to the innovative and organic work of Yvonne Farrow.


Richard Bjella
Director of Choral Studies
Lawrence University Concert Choir

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The Choral Project

War Song
Arranger, Shin-ichiro Ikebe
Choralographer, Yvonne Farrow

Contributed to wins at
*European World Choir Competition '03
**CA Intl Choral Festival & Competition '07

© 2006 Movement All Rights Reserved

Got Choralography?

The marriage of movement & choral music.


Note from a Student:
Yvonne, I would like to personally thank you again for helping to create an unforgettable choir show.  Thank you for your direction, creativity and enthusiasm.  Most of all, thank you for your work with me to help demonstrate the power of "It Takes a Village". Hope to work with you again soon!  

Best Wishes,

Elliot S. Elsner
CA Luthern University Choir


  • Choreography for Me Money on the Island (Matilda)
    Part 3 of Me Island (Medley), Larry Farrow, Arranger Hal Leonard Music.
  • Instructional Video for the choral riser performance of Me Money on the Island (Matilda) Part 3 of Me Island
  • Professional & Artistic Philosophy and Ethics,
    Letters to the Editor
    , Choral Journal (Aug '03; pg38)
  • Reference Materials: Bibliographies of Literature on Choral Music, Letters to the Editor, CJ (Jan '04; pg5)
  • Special Message from California ACDA President, Julie Dana 'CA Leading the Way' (Dec '06)
  • Farrow's Open Letter to ACDA
  • From The President, Michelle Holt, Choreographic Copyright Law, Choral Journal Jan '07
  • Answer, Letters to the Editor, Choral Journal Mar '07
  • Ethics, Ownership & Movemment in the 21st Century, Tactus (Jan '08)

all Parise

EOU Choir performing 'Zikr'

Tribute to Jester Hairston
Ellingtonia A Tribute to Ellington
Me Island: A Tribute to Harry Belafonte*
Black Musical Theater Medley

arr. Jester Hairston
arr. Larry Farrow
arr. Larry Farrow
arr. Larry Farrow

Porgy & Bess (Adaptation)
Carmen Jones** (Adaptation)

comp. G. Gershwin
comp. Hammerstein-Bizet

Wana Baraka
Circle of Life
Zingela Baba (Zimbabwe)
Tataleo (Ghana)
NonQuonQo (Zulu)
Betelehemu (Yoruba)
Drum Call
Sifuni Mungu

Akakomborerwa (Shona Mass)
Babethandaza (S. Afrn song)

Bonse Aba (Zambian)

arr. Shawn Kirchner
comp. Elton John
arr. Dan Houze
arr. Jester Hairston
arr. Larry Farrow
arr. Wendell Whalum
arr. Aaron N. Smith
S. African Freedom Song
arr. Roger Emerson
music Lee Kesselman
arr. Daniel Hughes
arr. Andrew Fischer

Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit
Glory, Glory to the Newborn King
Freedom Come
Big Boys (Work Song)
Yonder Come Day (Ring Dance)
Shackles (Gospel)
Blessed Quietness (Gospel)
Long John Done Gone (Folk)

arr. Rollo Dillworth
comp. Moses Hogan
comp. Ben Allaway
comp. Larry Farrow
arr. Larry Farrow
arr. Larry Farrow
comp. Mary Mary
arr. Larry Farrow
arr. Jester Hairston
Jamaican Market Place
Turn the World Around
At the Carnival
War Song (Maori Folksong)

comp. Larry Farrow
arr. Larry Farrow
arr. Larry Farrow
arr. Shin-ichiro Ikebe

La Arestinga (Venezuela)

Carpuela Lindo (Ecuador)
Estoy Enamorando (Ecuador)

arr. Alberto Grau
arr. Eugenio Auz Sanchez
arr. Eugenio Auz Sanchez

Zikr (Urdu)
Usili Boat Song (Chinese)
Karimatanu Kuicha
Jai Bhavani (Hindu Prayer)

arr. Ethan Sperry
arr. Shui jiang Tian
comp. Ko Matsushita
arr. Ethan Perry
Ubi Caritas
It Takes A Village
Musica animam tangens

He Wishes/Cloths from Heaven
Untraveled Worlds
The Bartered Bride
Isn't That Something?
Reel A Bouche
The World... Eyes Of A Child

. Paul Halley
comp. Joan Szymko
comp. Joshua Shank
comp. Bradley Ellingboe
comp. Paul Halley
comp. Emily Ellsworth
D.Ladinsky | D.Brunne
comp. Mark G. Sirett
comp. John Kuzma

Let it Ring, Let it Swing/Snow!
Bali Hai

arr. Mac Huff
Rodgers & Hammerstein


A Tribute to Harry Belafonte "...highly effective patterns of physical energy... the spirit of the thing was so fresh and open..." L.A. Times.
**Carmen Jones " ...alternately steamy and humorous choreography..." L.A. Times
PO Box 8566, LA, CA 90008

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